What Are Some Good Duck Blind Designs?

The Avian A-Frame, the Beaver Gunner Field and the Cupped Muskrat Hut are some good duck blind designs. Some duck blinds are designed for individual hunters while others are built to accommodate multiple shooters. The duck blind design that is best depends upon the specific hunting terrain on which it is intended for use. Hunters can also construct floating duck blinds on Jon boat hulls and elaborate permanent blinds constructed from wood and other materials.

The Avian A-Frame can accommodate up to four hunters, is portable and is easy to set up. The blind is constructed from a noncorrosive aluminum frame that is covered with camouflage canvas and has pockets to incorporate local foliage for additional cover.

The Beavertail Gunner Field is single shooter portable blind that is equipped with a padded, spring-loaded chair that makes sitting up when the birds arrive a simple task. A screwdriver is the only tool needed for first time assembly.

The Cupped Muskrat Hut is a floating tube chair that is covered with a tent-style enclosure that can be camouflaged with local foliage. The blind has zipper windows in both the front and back for enhanced visibility and works in marshes or on open water.

Permanent homemade blind designs can be a spartan or luxurious as the builder desires. Construction is usually done in the summer so pilings can be set in dry ground. A wood enclosure with a roof in the back keeps hunters out of the weather and a shooting window in front allows for hunting. Some blinds are built elaborately with built-in kitchens and satellite TV.