What Are Some Good Drills for Teaching Kids Basketball?


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The Three Man Weave and Red Light Green Light drills are easy drills used to teach children basketball. These drills help improve passing and dribbling.

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To run a three-man weave, line up three players at one of the baselines, with one player in the middle and two at the ends. The player in the middle passes the ball to either of the other players and then runs behind the player who just caught the ball. The player who did not catch the ball runs towards the middle and then catches a pass from the first player who caught ball. The player making the pass always runs behind the player who received the pass, creating a weaving motion up the court between the three players. When the three players reach the other end of the court, the last player with the ball shoots a layup.

To practice the Red Light Green Light drill, line the players up at one of the base lines. Each player should have a ball. When the coach says "Green light," all the players start dribbling towards the other baseline. When the coach says "Red light," all the players pick up their dribble and drop into the triple-threat position. The drill is completed when all the players have reached the other end of the court.

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