How Do You Find Good Deer Hunting Land in Ohio?

How Do You Find Good Deer Hunting Land in Ohio?

To find good deer hunting land in Ohio, visit wildlife areas before the hunting season and scout them for areas where deer are likely to be, such as water sources and feeding trails. A map with public wildlife areas is available on, as of 2015, and some of the state's best public areas to hunt include Woodbury Wildlife Area, Dillon Wilderness Area and Shawnee State Forest.

A feeding trail is a trail in a wild area that runs right next to a field. Each feeding trail typically has another trail intersecting it. This intersection often provides clean shots at deer.

To view the map of public wildlife areas on, visit the site's home page and click Hunting, Trapping, and Shooting Sports. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Wildlife Area Maps. Click a map icon to bring up the name of that area, along with links for driving directions and the area's website.

Woodbury Wildlife Area is one of the most popular hunting areas in the state. It covers more than 20,000 acres, but its popularity attracts many hunters. Dillon Wilderness Area is similar to Woodbury but tends to have smaller crowds. Shawnee State Forest spans across more than 60,000 acres and is one of the more heavily wooded hunting areas.

Public hunting areas typically have more hunters, but private land requires the owner's permission and often has a leasing fee. One option for hunters looking for private land is, which scouts property for hunters.