What Is a Good Crawfish Trap Plan?


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One good crawfish trap plan uses welded hardware cloth to form a cylinder with a funnel-shaped entry on either end. Once the crawfish enter the funnels they drop to the sides of the cylinder and making it difficult for them to escape. A 4-inch-square door provides access so that the user can remove the crawfish from the trap.

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Prepare the cylinder by cutting a piece of hardware cloth 20 inches by 24 inches. Roll the cloth to form an 8-inch-diameter cylinder that is 20 inches long. Use 16-gauge wire to tie the cylinder together so that it holds its shape. Form the funnels by cutting a 12-inch-diameter circle and cutting the circle in half to form two semicircles.

Fold each semicircle to form a cone, and use wire to hold the shape. Cut approximately 2 inches from the point of the cone to make the funnel, and wire it to the cylinder with the point facing inward. Repeat with the other semicircle.

Cut the opening for the door and a slightly larger piece of hardware cloth for the cover. Attach the door to one side of the opening with two pieces of ware. Use twine to tie the door closed on the other side. Keep the trap from washing downstream, and make it easier to retrieve by tying a rope to it and tying the rope to a nearby tree.

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