How Good Is a Colt Cobra?


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Aluminum-framed and very light in weight, the Colt Cobra is a high-quality short-barrelled double-action revolver. Sold by Colt from 1950 to 1981, the Colt Cobra holds six shots of ammunition.

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Built on Cobra's famous "D" frame, the Colt Cobra has a larger platform than the Smith & Wesson compact revolver that uses the "J" frame and also has a larger cylinder. Surprisingly, despite being larger than Smith & Wesson compact revolvers, the Colt Cobra is 25 percent lighter in weight due to its aluminum alloy frame.

Subvariants of the Colt Cobra include the Colt Aircrewman, the Colt Courier, the Colt Agent and the Colt Viper.

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