What Are Some Good Cheers and Chants for a Softball Team?


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One good chant for a softball team is titled "Love Those Batters," in which the crowd chants, "Hey batter batter, watcha gonna do? Don't let that ball fly right past you. Hit it on the fly! Knock it to the sky! Let the basemen feel the breeze as you whiz on by!" To gain participation, supports can use cheers that specifically relate to softball as a sport instead of generic cheers used at other sports games.

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Another short cheer for a softball team is, "Away, away, away, away, hit the ball the other way!" Crowds can use cheers to encourage their team, acknowledge players that hit a good run or intimidate the opposing team. More good cheers and chants include "we need a pitcher," "wake up outfield" and "she bad!"

Generally, softball teams do not have cheerleaders to conduct cheers. Crowd members can learn and direct cheers to liven up fans and inspire the team. To encourage participation, before the game begins, crowd members or squad members can sit in the crowd and teach the chants before attempting to lead a cheer.

Some offensive cheers focus on ridiculing the opposing team. Including negative remarks or slurs about the other team in a cheer can be viewed as bad sportsmanship. It is generally more appropriate to lead supportive cheers.

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