What Are Good Chants for a Basketball Game?

The best chants for a basketball game are those that get the crowd involved, such as spelling out the name of the team. Crowd participation is key when it comes to getting the team's energy up for the game.

Any time the fans are involved in chants for their team during a basketball game, this energy is transferred directly to the players. The team tends to play harder and better if they feel the crowd is behind them, cheering them on. One of the easiest chants is simply a hearty "Let's Go Gators!" It is especially effective in generating excitement if the chant is started off slowly and gradually increases in speed and intensity. Another easy crowd chant is one that taunts the other team, having the effect of putting the players off their game. One example is chanting "See Ya!" after a member on the opposing team fouls out of the game.

There are some fun chants cheerleaders can do on the sidelines throughout the game. A simple one is "Move it, move it, down the court Gators!" Getting the game started off on a positive note sets the scene for the whole game. Cheerleaders can encourage their team to win the tip-off by chanting "We, we want, we want the tip-off Gators!"