What Are Some Good Brands of Deer Feed?


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Some good brands of deer feed include Nutra Deer, Big & J Industries, BioLogic, Evolved Habitats and Wildgame Innovations. Nutra Deer has several varieties of feed for different purposes, including a feed to increase antler size by 20 percent, a mineral feed to build antlers and a deer attractant mix, as of 2015.

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Wildgame Innovations manufactures varieties of deer feed including Chestnut Rage, Apple Crush Mix, Buck Commander Acorn Rage and Apple Crush Salt Block. These feeds are made with real produce, then mixed with a blend of proteins and fats.

Big & J Industries produces deer feed including the Big & J Deer Cube that is an all-natural, high-protein block with a strong natural aroma designed to attract deer and maximize herd potential. Big & J also produces the Big & J BB2 Feed/Attractant, which is a habit-forming attractant full of nutrients with no artificial flavors or attractants.

The best way to attract deer to a specific location is to provide a continuous stream of nutritious food. This trains the deer to visit a location regularly. Whitetail deer eat up to 5 pounds of food per day per deer. Male deer require extra nutrition to assist with quick antler growth in the spring. Place the feed near a water supply and away from any roads to attract deer and provide them easy access to food.

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