What Are Some Good Blueprint Designs for Tree Stands?


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There are not many true blueprints for tree stands available online; however, HHO4Free.com, WhiteTailBuzz.com and FreeDeerStandPlans.com all have designs for tree stands available for free. The design on HHO4Free.com is a simple platform and ladder stand. The WhiteTailBuzz.com tree stand design is slightly more complex including a railing around the platform. FreeDeerStandPlans.com has several tree and deer stand designs available including a two-level hunting box tree stand.

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All of these tree stand designs involve the tree trunk as a primary support for the stand. The main design on HHO4Free.com employs a triangular system of supports in which the tree trunk is one side of the triangle. This is a strong and simple design that can be built relatively easily. The designer also shares some other plans based on the same idea, such as how to use two trees for support.

The design on WhiteTailBuzz.com is intended to be movable. The stand is not directly attached to the tree; instead, it rests against the tree trunk and is chained to it for added support.

The two-level design on FreeDeerStandPlans.com also leans against the tree but is directly connected to the tree trunk. As such, this design cannot be moved. The second level features a box that offers additional concealment and protection from weather.

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