What Are Some Good Bicycle Shifting Tips?


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Three helpful tips to successful bicycle shifting include shifting before the terrain changes, shifting one gear at a time, and noticing when more experienced bikers shift. When the bike is in the correct gear, a rider’s momentum converts power more effectively.

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Always anticipate and shift before changes in terrain; it is too late if the rider waits to shift when the cadence changes. When shifting, shift up or down one gear at a time, and ease up on the pedals. Do not put the chain on the largest chain ring and smallest cog, as this puts undue stress on the hardware and limits future shifting options.

When biking in a group, change gears when more advanced riders change their gears. Finally, when biking uphill or against the wind, use a small or middle chain ring and larger cogs. For going downhill, use a large chain ring; for biking on flat terrain, use a small or middle chain ring and multiple cogs.

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