What Are Some Good Basketball Team Names?


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Good basketball team names include the Trail Blazers, 76ers and Celtics. Factors that influence the quality of a team name include how the name sounds and how it ties into history of the team's location.

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The Portland Trail Blazers name originates from the settlers who first came to that region. The name shortens to Blazers, a term that connects with a fast sport like basketball. The team held a contest where fans voted on name choices, and the original name chosen was the Pioneers. However, a local college was already using that name, so the team chose Trail Blazers instead.

The Philadelphia 76ers base their team name on the city's history, particularly the signing of the Declaration of Independence there in 1776. The Founding Fathers signed the Constitution in Philadelphia, and the city was the nation's capitol at certain times. The team occasionally uses a red, white and blue color scheme, based on the patriotism in its name. A popular, shorter version of the name is Sixers.

The Boston Celtics name pays homage to the city's history as a popular area for Irish immigrants. The team uses a green color scheme and has a leprechaun mascot, both of which tie into the name. The Boston Celtics took their name from the New York Celtics, a team that went defunct in the 1940s.

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