How Do You Get Good at Basketball?

How Do You Get Good at Basketball?

To become a successful basketball player, one needs to be willing to learn, practice, compete and make sacrifices for growth. Growing as a player takes time and commitment, as well as a strong personal determination to obtain the goal.

  1. Learn the rules of the game

    Research the game of basketball thoroughly. Learn the rules of the game and educate yourself on the dynamics. Talk to people you know who play basketball often and get tips from them. Watch basketball on television and watch tutorials on skills and form.

  2. Practice the skills

    Go outside and practice skill sets such as dribbling and shooting. Shoot free throws, lay-ups and three point shots. Dribble up and down your driveway or a court if one is available. Keep practicing and watch yourself improve.

  3. Compete with others

    Play against someone else. Put the skills and rules you have learned to use and compete with a friend or partner. Go to fitness centers, parks or schools to play in full games with other teams.

  4. Make sacrifices

    Keep at it. Becoming a good basketball player requires hard work and sacrifices. Sometimes you have to give up other things you'd like to do in order to practice. Eating a healthy diet and engaging in other physical activity also help keep you in shape.