What Are Some Good Baits for Trapping Coyotes?


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Successful coyote baits have a strong smell that attract coyotes over large distances. Many good coyote baits include meat and nonfood smells such as urine.

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Some coyote trappers use commercially prepared baits. These baits are usually meat-based and include oils from the scent glands of animals, such as mink, fox or rat. These oils not only attract the coyotes by means of the potent smells, but they also help to cover any human odor that may be on the trap. Trappers often opt for food-based bait over scent-based when trapping coyotes for fur, as coyotes frequently roll in scent-based bait and contaminate their fur.

Many trappers choose to make their own baits out of waste products. Good choices include road kill, dead mice or entrails from recently hunted animals. Raw eggs left in a mason jar to age for several months are considered very effective bait due to the extremely pungent odor. Some trappers opt to use live bait when they are unsuccessful with other types of bait. They build a bait cage, attach it to the back of the coyote trap and place a live animal, such as a chicken, inside the bait cage. The coyote enters the trap to access the live animal.

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