What Are Some Good Bait Recipes for Catfish?

What Are Some Good Bait Recipes for Catfish?

To make homemade catfish bait with chicken livers, chop 2 cups raw chicken livers and mix the liver with 1 loaf bread and 1/4 cup molasses. Form the bait into balls to use it, or freeze for later use. Another option is to combine 1/4 cup leftover grease and 1 can cream-style corn. Heat the mixture to melt the grease, and pour the mixture into 1 cup oats, 2 cups cornmeal and 1 tablespoon cornstarch. Mix and form into balls.

To make catfish bait with tuna fish, combine 2 cans tuna in oil and 2 cans sardines in mustard with 1/2 pound raw chicken livers. Place the ingredients in a lidded container. After one week, mix 2 boxes prepared stuffing mix and 1 loaf bread into the other ingredients to form a thick paste.

Alternately, make a soap-based catfish bait by heating 2 pounds of lard to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In a glass container, add 4.4 ounces of lye to 7 ounces of water, making sure not to add the lye to the container first.

Stir the lye into the water with a metal spoon, and pour the mixture into the warm oil. Stir the mixture until it thickens slightly, and pour the bait into ice trays to harden. Use the hardened cube as-is when fishing. Take appropriate precautions when working with lye as it is dangerous when used improperly.

Make the hot diggety dog baits by cutting a package of the cheapest hot dogs available into bite-size pieces and placing them into a zip-seal bag. Add 1 package of unsweetened strawberry Kool-Aid and 3 rounded teaspoons of chopped garlic and marinate in the refrigerator overnight. Use one hot dog piece on a hook for best results.

Catfish biscuits need 2 cans of cheap biscuits and a can of tuna or mackerel that is packed in oil. Knead the mixture in a large bowl until it is well blended, adding a little flour if needed for good consistency. Store the bait in a zip-seal back pinching off what is needed to bait the hook.

Puree in a blender 1 pound of hot dogs with 1 pound of chicken livers that have been aged in the sun until the livers have a pungent aroma for the base to Jack's cat attack recipe. Tear a half a loaf of bread into small pieces, and place them large bowl. Pour the hot dog and liver puree over the top of the bread, add 2 cans of nacho cheese, 1 can of corn, 1/4 bottle of tabasco sauce and a dozen worms cut into small pieces. Knead the mixture to a doughy consistency, and seal it in a plastic container stored in the sun.