How are golf tech lessons different from traditional golf lessons?


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GolfTEC lessons, unlike traditional golf lessons, incorporate technology to make it easier to learn golf and improve a person's current golf abilities. A GolfTEC lesson utilizes proprietary teaching software plus the expertise of a certified personal coach.

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GolfTEC's software enables the student to see video and motion measurement in order to pinpoint the exact parts of the golf swing that need improvement. Teachers use this technology in the initial swing diagnosis to quantify the swing mechanics. With these measurements, a certified coach can then both guide and measure the necessary changes.

GolfTEC also incorporates technology to properly fit a club to a golfer, as the company's launch monitors measure the launch angle, spin rate and club speed of a golfer's swing.

GolfTEC lessons include interactive video on the student's swing from two perspectives, front and down the target line. The company believes that this video feedback significantly accelerates the swing improvement derived from the lessons. Unlike traditional golf lessons, most GolfTEC lessons occur indoors at a GolfTEC Improvement Center. GolfTEC's website lists the locations of its Improvement Centers.

Lessons are grouped into either Game Plans or Lesson Packs. GolfTEC recommends that the student chooses the comprehensive and customized Game Plan because it is the best way to secure a solid, dependable swing and leads to the most improvement. Besides the actual lessons, every Game Plan includes a swing evaluation, club fitting and mobile lessons, and the lessons and practice drills are available online.

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