What Are the Best Golf Clubs for Senior Men?

The best golf clubs for senior men are clubs with a longer shaft, heavier head and a lower kick point. Anything higher than a 5-iron, such as fairway woods and hybrids, are good choices.

As golfers age, they lose strength to strike the ball. Even though an older man hits the ball perfectly every time, the ball often travels a fraction of the distance it did when he was younger. There are many ways to get around this limitation. Each works well on its own, but when they are combined, an aging man's golf game can be just as good as when he was young.

Using a longer shaft translates into more power to the head, providing an increase in explosive power. About an inch of extra length is enough to put extra strength back into a man's swing. A heavier head on the golf club gives the swing more power without requiring a faster swing speed. Placing a heavier head on a longer shaft translates into greater power and velocity and a better golf game.

Another tip for the senior golfer is to use softer, tour quality balls, which are better for scrambling. Rotating the hips completely also is very important to getting the most out of a swing.