What Is Golf Ball Compression?


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Golf ball compression is the rate given to a golf ball based on its density. A low-compression ball flies further but gives a player much less control, whereas a more highly compressed ball does not travel as far but gives the golfer more control.

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What Is Golf Ball Compression?
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Golf balls are sometimes numbered with these compression ratings, and other manufacturers display the rating of the ball on the box. The rating of the balls ranges anywhere between 70 and 110. A ball rated between 70 and 80 is considered a low-compression ball, and is intended for use by juniors, women and players new to the game of golf. The lower-compressed ball gets flattened more by the swing of the club, which allows more energy to transfer from the club to the ball, making the ball fly further. The higher distances achieved with these balls makes them ideal for a novice or younger golfer to shorten the golf course.

A ball with a rating of 90 or above is considered a high-compression ball, which is harder and denser, and give less upon the impact of a golf swing. High-compression balls are typically used by advanced and low-handicap golfers, as they shorten the distance the ball can fly, but offer experienced golfers much more control.

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