How Do You Get a GHIN Number?


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Golf handicap and information network, or GHIN, services are offered to clubs and golfers only through state or regional golf associations. To obtain a GHIN number, an individual must become a member of a golf club or association. A GHIN number is provided to him, and he can set up his account online.

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GHIN provides the ability for a golfer to review his scoring record anywhere from the Internet as well as the ability to post his own scores online at GHIN.com. No matter what club or range a golfer plays at, once a GHIN number is acquired and he is set up online, his uploaded scores and handicaps are automatically routed to his home club or association. The GHIN also provides a mobile application that allows players to submit scores, view their current handicaps and utilize the GHIN handicap calculator all from their mobile device or cellphone.

Individuals can sign up to the U.S. Golf Association clubhouse directly from its website. As of April 2015, the membership cost is $10 per year, which provides unrestricted access to the online USGA member clubhouse, advance opportunity to purchase U.S. Open seven-day ticket packages, behind-the-scenes volunteer opportunities at USGA Championships, and invitations to exclusive USGA member events.

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