What Are the General Reviews for the 1911 .45 ACP Rock Island Pistol?

Two gun enthusiasts reviewing the relatively inexpensive 1911 .45 automatic Colt pistol from Rock Island Armory in the Philippines say the gun works reliably and accurately. A third reviewer writes that he had so many misfires he wouldn't trust his life with it.

One reviewer writes that he wanted to test the reliability of one of the least expensive 1911 .45 ACPs. He shot 1,450 rounds through it over two days and had only two malfunctions. He says the gun was reliable and accurate, and he is surprised by the good quality of the gun's build.

Another reviewer shot 300 rounds. He writes that it failed to return to battery 11 times, but all of these rounds were from ammunition that was out of specification for the gun. He calls the gun reliable and inherently accurate.

The reviewer who dislikes the gun said it has tool marks on it, and it is made with rough and sharp edges. He writes that the gun caused him physical pain and cut his hands up. His review says it shoots unreliably, and he experienced firing failures with every magazine he shot with every type of ammunition except one. He and two companions also could not hit the target well with it, though he claims they're adequate marksmen.