What Games Can You Make Based on Super Bowl Trivia?


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Superbowl trivia can be used to make word games similar to Scrabble or Boggle. Participants can also engage in word find games with Superbowl and football terms where they are directed to find football-themed words in a cluster of letters.

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What Games Can You Make Based on Super Bowl Trivia?
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When launching word games, participants can create a Scrabble board and require that gamers can only use words that relate to Superbowl or football, such as quarterback, kick, defense or offense. Additional table games involving Superbowl trivia include creating a matching game with a set of cards that display a question that must be matched to a set of cards with the correct answer to the trivia questions.

A traditional game of Trivial Pursuit with Superbowl trivia questions used instead of the standard question cards tests participants on their knowledge and prompts them to answer enough questions to win the game by answering six questions correctly to obtain six pies.

A game of charades is often a popular party game. A Superbowl-themed twist on the game involves asking a Superbowl trivia question and prompting participants to act out the answer for partners to guess. Football fans can also launch a simple game of Bingo with the card numbers substituted with answers to Superbowl trivia. The caller can ask a trivia question and players must cover the square with the right answer to the trivia question.

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