Why Is the Game Called "Cricket"?


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The game cricket is believed to have gotten its name from either the Old French word “criquet” or from the Middle Dutch word “kircke.” In Old French, criquet means goal, post or stick. In Middle Dutch, kricke means stick or staff.

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Although no one knows for sure, it's believe that the Middle Dutch word kricke is most likely where cricket got its name. This is because there was a medieval trade route that ran between southeast England and Flanders, which belonged to the Duchy of Burgundy.

It's believed that cricket was first played in the early 13th century. However, the very first direct reference to the game was not recorded until a 1598 court case. In this case, the game was referred to as “krekett” and sometimes even spelled “creckett” in the transcripts. The court case talks about the game being played at the Royal Grammar School in England in 1550. It wasn't until the 18th century that cricket became popular and the official sport of England.

There are certain types of cricket matches that last upwards of five days. These types of cricket matches are known as “test cricket.” In England, test cricket is considered the highest form of the game. Cricket is also considered around the world as the second most well-known sport, right behind soccer, because it's played in over 100 countries around the world.

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