What Are Some Funny Things to Yell at a Basketball Referee?

Some funny things a person can yell at a basketball referee are "What's-a-matta-you?," "The cheese has done slid off your cracker!" and "He's as sharp as a bag of wet mice!" Usually the crowd yells at the referee when questionable calls are made about their favorite team during the game.

While many fans may think it is funny to yell at the referee when bad calls are made, some may perceive it as bad sportsmanship. This is especially true when a head coach or member of the coaching staff yells at a referee during a game.

There is a good chance that in every game, a referee will make a call that is perceived as bad by the coaching staff and fans. Rather than yelling at the referee for the call, there are other more productive steps a coach can take. Instead of yelling, for example, the referee should be treated with respect. Talking and asking questions in a non-aggressive manner is a good way to teach the team members and fans how to respect authority. Calls can be questioned in an assertive but non-confrontational way. By applying the golden rule and treating referees the way in which a person wants to be treated him- or herself, helps to form a quality relationship and may lead to more calls in favor of the team.