What Are Some Funny Basketball Team Names?

Some funny basketball team names include "Gang Green," "Geeks N Sneaks," "Big Ballers," "Caucasian Invasion," "Dribbling Seamen," "Jump Balls," "Make It Drizzle," "WTF Are You Ewing," "Nothing But Nets" and "Jailblazers". Those are the top 10 funniest basketball team names for custom-designed t-shirts on CustomInk.com.

Among their top rated women's team names are "Fightin' Hens" and "Lady Divas."

Each year, Athlon Sports publishes a list of their funniest suggestions for fantasy basketball team names, making the point that, while only one team can win the league, everyone can be a winner with a name that makes people laugh. They suggest going for satirical NBA names, or references to hipster and hip-hop popular culture. Their list of suggestions for 2014-2015 included:

  • LeBron's Merkin
  • 99 Problems, LeBron Ain't 1
  • Jesus Shuttlesworth
  • Ninjas in Paris
  • Donald Sterling Scumbags
  • Slumlord Billionaire

TeamNames.net, which hosts an online fantasy team name generator, offers a number of tips for coming up with team names. One of their suggestions is to use a color as inspiration, giving the examples of "Black Widows" and "Green Street Elite." For those looking for more of a credible feel to their team, they suggest using a real city or state name, similar to real world teams, offering "Los Angeles Lightning," among others, as a fictional example.