What Are Some of the Fundamental Skills in Volleyball?

Fundamental skills in volleyball include the serve, the hit, the pass, the set and the spike. However, skills such as the dig, the block, the roll and the dink are also helpful.

The serve in volleyball starts the rally. There are two kinds of serves ? overhand and underhand. Players can choose their own serving methods, but they only get one shot to shoot the ball over the net into the other side of the court.

A hit involves jumping and hitting the ball with an overhand movement. Players are only allowed one hit, as double hitting is illegal.

A pass, or forearm pass, involves bringing the arms together at the elbows and wrists and hitting the ball with the underarms. A set is an overhead move that players usually use to set up a spike, which involves quickly and powerfully hitting the ball over the net into the other side of the court.

The dig is a pass that uses the forearms. It often describes passing a spike that is close to the floor.

Defensive move the block involves blocking a ball as it moves over the net, sending it back into the other side of the court. Up to three players can attempt to block a single spike. The roll is another defensive move that involves digging the ball and rolling it over the shoulders.

The dink is useful in situations where a spike is not possible. Setters perform the move by using their fingertips to tip the ball over the net. This can take the other team by surprise, especially if they were prepared for a spike.