What Is a Funambulist?


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While the word ‘fun’ is a part of this word, your mom might prefer you change it to ‘danger-ambulist.’ A funambulist is a tight-rope walker or rope dancer.

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What Is a Funambulist?
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The word comes from the Latin funis, meaning “rope,” and ambulare, “to walk.” It is the art of walking along a thin, suspended wire or rope. There are two types of funambulism: tightwire and slackwire. Tightwire is the art of walking along a tensioned rope or wire, and performances typically include dancing or props. Slackwire is a type of wire or rope walking where the rope is slack. The tension on the wire or rope is mainly provided by the weight of the performer. The flexibility of the wire or rope allows the performer to maintain balance on a slackwire.

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