What Are Some Fun Weekly Summer Camp Themes?

Fun weekly summer camp themes include treasure hunters, construction, fairy tales, inventors’ workshop and music makers. Each theme lends itself to creative crafts, activities, games and stories that entertain and engage campers.

Fun weekly summer camp ideas with a literary theme or reference include “Alice in Wonderland,” “Around the World in 80 Days,” and Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Another idea for themes is to choose historical time periods, for instance the Wild West, the 1960s, Renaissance, the 1980s or Ancient Egypt. To incorporate an academic theme, choose a weekly topic such as bugs, animal planet, dinosaurs, imaginarium or mad science. Conservation-minded themes, such as going green or rainforest adventure, are an opportunity to discuss important issues.

The fun weekly summer camp theme of treasure hunters, sometimes also called pirates, is an adventurous theme that keeps kids excited all week. Activities include making treasure maps, putting on plays and filling treasure chests. A treasure hunt is a great activity for pirate themes, while pirate games such as cannonball water balloons work well on hot days. Dress up outfits such as vests, “hook” hands and eye patches lend themselves to the theme, as do stories, plays and films about pirate characters such as Peter Pan.