What Are Some Fun Trivia Questions About the Super Bowl?

fun-trivia-questions-super-bowl Credit: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Some fun trivia questions about the Super Bowl focus on locations, such as: "Which stadium held the first Super Bowl?" Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was the site of the original championship. Also, "Which city has held the most Super Bowl contests?" Miami has hosted 10.

Other interesting questions focus on players, as in "Which player has been in the most Super Bowls?" The answer is Tom Brady, who has participated in eight. A similar question asks which player has been on the most winning Super Bowl teams. Charles Haley has been a member of five successful teams; twice with the 49ers and three times with the Cowboys. Tom Brady has also been on five successful teams, all with the New England Patriots.

Points are important to a Super Bowl quiz. For example, "Who made the longest field goal in a Super Bowl game?" Buffalo's Steve Christie scored on a 54-yard kick against Dallas in 1994. Also, "Which Super Bowl had the most points scored?" In Super Bowl 29, the teams scored 75 points. San Francisco made 49, while San Diego managed 26.

Naturally, a Super Bowl quiz is not complete without questions about losers. For instance, "Which four coaches have all lost four Super Bowl contests?" Marv Levy, Bud Grant, Don Shula and Dan Reeves have this dubious distinction. Also, "Which four teams have never made it to the Super Bowl?" Cleveland, Detroit, Houston and Jacksonville have not been in the big game.