What Are Some Fun Things to Do on a Picnic?

Bringing music, engaging in conversation with friends and family, and serving a family-style meal in an ideal location can make for a fun and enjoyable picnic. Packing finger-foods or hors d'oeuvres that are easy to eat can make a picnic less messy and leave more time for fun.

Serving food family-style can encourage people to interact and engage each other. If adults of the legal drinking age are present, bringing a bottle of wine or champagne may make the picnic enjoyable.

Bringing music is an easy way to set the mood of the picnic, whether it be fun and lively or relaxing. Additionally, location is a key component to consider when planning a picnic. A picnic's setting can determine the activities a group of people can enjoy while on a picnic, whether it be flying a kite or playing Frisbee, touch football or soccer.

Picnics with children can be fun year-round. For example, having an indoor picnic at home can make for a fun afternoon on a rainy or snowy day. A winter picnic with hot cocoa with marshmallows or hot cider can be a little daunting but fun. Having an outdoor movie night picnic can also be a unique option for a picnic on a warm day or evening. Friends and family can gather outdoors on a warm evening and watch a movie displayed onto a wall or sheet via projector. On the Fourth of July, a tailgating picnic can be a fun way to enjoy the fireworks. Renting an inflatable moon bounce can be a fun activity for outdoor picnics with many children.