What Are Some Fun Modifications to Traditional Bowling?


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Some alternative bowling games are "Baker Game," "No-Tap" and "Duckpin Bowling." These are modifications to the traditional scoring system, playing style and set-up of the lane.

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Many high schools and colleges play "Baker Game." Five bowlers play together for a combined score instead of bowling individually. The first bowler bowls the first and sixth frames, the second bowler covers the second and seventh frame, and so on through all the players and frames. The total of the 10 frames comprises the team's score.

"No-Tap" predetermines a number of pins that constitute a "strike." Instead of 10 pins, players can choose to consider another number of pins a strike. Each time the bowler knocks down the predetermined number of pins, he scores a strike.

"Duckpin Bowling" uses smaller pins as well as a smaller bowling ball, usually the size of a softball. The player is allowed three rolls per frame, as opposed to two. The high score in "Duckpin Bowling" is 300.

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