What Are Some Fun Football Games?


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Some fun football games include the Finger Flick Football game, the Football Target game and the Football Toss game. In addition, flag football, marble football or a football shaped piñata can provide a fun football touch to any party or get together.

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What Are Some Fun Football Games?
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The Finger Flick Football game is played by folding a piece of paper into a triangle, creating a football, and is typically played by two players. The players take turns attempting to flick the football through the other player's fingers, which are held up to create a field goal. As of 2015, players can purchase the Finger Flick Football game kit that includes two field goals with suction cups that stick to a flat surface and two footballs.

The Football Toss game requires the players to toss small footballs or bean bags through a cardboard cutout that has a variety of holes. Each hole has a different point value, and the person with the most points at the end of the game wins. Flag football is played using the same rules as traditional football; however, there is no tackling involved. Each player wears a belt that is equipped with a flag on each side. To signify a tackle, the opposing team must remove one of the flags from the person holding the football, and then play stops.

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