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The first football game to be played occurred in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton schools; however, the game looked closer to that of a rugby match. Following the game, this modified form of rugby became popular among the East Coast colleges. In 1876, Walter Camp helped write the first rules for American football, giving the game further organization.

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By the end of the 19th century, professional football teams popped up in Western Pennsylvania such as the Allegheny Athletic Association team and the Latrobe Athletic Association team. As the years continued, football adopted modern rules, such as in 1912 when a touchdown became worth six points instead of five.

In 1922, the American Professional Football Association officially became known as the National Football League and included 18 teams, such as the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. The first Super Bowl occurred in 1967 and pitted the Green Bay Packers of the NFL against the American Football League champion, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Packers won the game 35 to 10 and would go on to repeat as champions in 1968, defeating the Oakland Raiders 33 to 14.

The modern NFL began in 1970 when the NFL and AFL merged, forming two conferences: the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference under the NFL banner.

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