What are some fun basketball games to play?


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One type of fun basketball game is Horse, which requires two or more players. Each time a player hits a shot during Horse, every other player must hit the same shot lest they earn a letter, explains CoachesCorner.net. Every player who spells the word "horse" suffers elimination.

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Knockout-Out is another fun basketball game. It involves two or more players in a line starting at the free-throw line, according to CoachesCorner.net. The first two players each get a ball. If the first player makes the shot, he passes to the third player and goes to the back of the line. If the second player makes his shot before the first player, then he eliminates the first player. If the third player makes his shot before the second player, he eliminates the second player. Whenever a player misses his first shot, he can score from anywhere on the court.

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