What Are Some Fun Basketball Games for Kids?


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Red Light, Green Light, Dribble Survivor, Dribble Tag and Follow the leader are some fun basketball games kids can play on the court, but Basketball Dare, Basketball Shootout and Cannon Basketball are fun basketball games kids can play online. Websites like Online Basketball Drills and CSO Sports provide a variety of options for on the court play, while sites like Teamopolis provide a variety of basketball games kids can play online.

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What Are Some Fun Basketball Games for Kids?
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Dribble Tag is played without double dribbling and without traveling. All the players are given a basketball that they must keep dribbling, even when chasing after another player. When the players that are designated as "it" tags another player, they are out of the game.

One player is designated the leader in the Follow the Leader game. The leader can perform dribbling moves, spin the ball on his finger or even dribble the ball on his forehead while repeating the alphabet backwards. All other players must perform the tasks that the leader demonstrates to stay in the round. The last player in the round becomes the new leader for the next round.

Red Light, Green Light is similar to the classic kids game, but in this version, players have to dribble a basketball to reach their destination. Other games, such as Catch the Cows and Dribble Survivor are listed on the CSO Sports website.

The Teamopolis website offers a large selection of online basketball games for kids. All the kids has to do is click the game they want to play and it will open in a new window with nothing to download.

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