What Does a Full Set of Golf Clubs Include?

A full set of golf clubs can include a combination of drivers, woods, irons, specialty irons (also called wedges) and a putter. While it is up to golfers to determine what type of combination of clubs they want, they cannot have more than 14 clubs in a bag.

Almost all golfers have a driver in their golf bag, which is used to hit the ball off of the tee. Depending on which type of golf club they are more comfortable using, some golfers choose to use several types of wood clubs in place of a driver; some golfers use both. Iron clubs are also regularly used and are numbered from 3 to 9. Many golfers opt to carry at least two or three iron clubs in their golf bags because they allow the golfer to loft the ball.

Almost all golfers use two wedges and a putter to complete their set of golf clubs. Two wedges are used, each with their own specific purposes. The pitching wedge is used when the ball is close to the green and the sand wedge is relied upon when the ball is stuck in a sand trap. The putter is only used when the ball is on the green and close to the hole.