How Do You Do a Front Walkover?

How Do You Do a Front Walkover?

Perform a front walkover by standing with your arms above your head, stepping into a handstand, keeping your legs split, bending backward until your lead leg touches the floor, and regaining a standing position. A front walkover takes practice, and you may need a spotter to help you train.

  1. Get in the starting position

    Stand with your arms stretched over your head by your ears, with either leg held straight out. This position is both your starting and ending position.

  2. Stand on your hands

    Picture the beginning of a front walkover as a handstand with your legs in a split position. Lunge forward, put your hands firmly on the floor, and kick your legs up to a handstand. Remember to keep your legs straight and as wide apart as possible.

  3. Stand up

    Lean backward past the handstand, curving your back until your lead foot touches the ground. This looks like you are doing a back bend while holding one leg in the air. Gradually stand up while putting your weight on your lead leg.

  4. Complete the walkover

    As you reach the standing position, stretch your arms over your head by your ears. Finish by holding your front leg out parallel to the ground.