Why Do Footballers Get Paid so Much Money?

The are many reasons why footballers are paid large salaries; the duration of a football career, the amount of revenue that professional soccer teams make and the talent of the player all play a part in why salaries outmatch those of other professions. A soccer club can earn millions of dollars a year from ticket sales, TV rights and merchandising, and those looking to recruit star players pays will pay them up to $300,000 a week.

Athletes also make money from outside endorsements and advertising, representing millions of dollars a year in addition to a team's wages.

In comparison with a career in medicine or finance, soccer players have a relatively short window to earn money that is expected to last them for life after retirement.

The field is also extremely selective, with 4,000 players playing professionally in the U.K. When compared to the number of doctors in England, which is roughly 3 for every 1,000 people, the scope of the competition comes further into focus.

Professional soccer teams raise enough revenue yearly to put them in a group that can drive a local economy, and the salaries of their players reflect this shift. Clubs are willing to pay millions to players to keep the seats filled each week, according to the Bleacher Report.