What Are Some Football Sign Ideas?

Some ideas for football signs are slogans like "Believe and achieve," "Pain is temporary; pride is forever" and "United we play, united we win." Football signs should have slogans that are uplifting, encouraging and spirited.

Football signs are some of the best ways to show one's support for his or her favorite team. Whether it is a local high school football team or a professional one, these signs showcase team spirit in a big way.

One of the easiest ways to make a homemade football sign is to use poster board and adhesive letters. The phrase should be easy to read; concise enough so that the letters are not crowded on the poster board. Good ideas are supportive statements such as "Go Team!" or "Cards are #1!" using the team's mascot. For longer sentiments, consider using a longer sheet of craft paper. Holding the sign up at a game, however, needs the help of a few fans.

For larger-than-life breakthrough signs, one needs a bit more preparation. On a sheet of paper large enough for a team member to run through, fans should paint something to indicate the special occasion. A few examples are "Scott County Championship Game 2014," "Wildcat Homecoming 2014" or "Gator's Senior Night 2014."