Why Do Football Players Wear Armbands?


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The armbands worn by football players are simply a fashion statement, though they can also be used to wipe sweat from their faces when needed. While it is widely believed that armbands serve a more functional purpose, such as aiding circulation, most experts, like certified athletic trainer Ralph Reiff, claim that there is no performance-based or medical benefit to wearing armbands. In general, most players claim that they like the way the band causes their biceps and triceps to appear larger and more defined.

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The armbands became so popular that major athletic brands like Nike began to market and sell armbands to athletes. This led to some coaches and team officials complaining about the trend, stating that games have become too focused on fashion. However, as noted by the NY Times, the National Collegiate Athletic Association's associate director of playing rules administration, Ty Halpin, has explained that no serious discussions regarding the armbands have taken place. Most people simply do not see any negative effects caused by the armbands and see no reason for their removal. Especially if they help payers, even if only in a placebo capacity, to play better.

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