How Is Football Good for Your Health?


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According to Healthadel.com, a study by Copenhagen University showed that men who played football for one hour three times a week had lower body fat, lower levels of blood fats, increased muscle mass and lower blood pressure than inactive men. The BBC also points out that football can improve the mental health of men suffering from mental illnesses like depression.

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According to Healthadel.com, football has been shown to have greater health benefits than jogging because it combines slow and fast movement with sprinting. This combination makes the heart work at different paces, which controls body fat and increases overall fitness. Playing football also releases a healthy level of endorphins, which act as mood stabilizers.

The BBC says that football is healthy for men because it creates a bonding experience. Football and the relationships players develop with teammates can act as a form of therapy, giving men confidence and satisfaction. Ninety percent of recreational football players reported an improvement in their mental health after joining a team, while 70 percent reported feeling more optimistic about the future. Football provides a safe place for men to interact socially in a society that often frowns upon men sharing their problems and emotions with each other.

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