What Are Some Football Drills That You Can Do by Yourself?


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Football drills that you can do by yourself include plyometrics, weight training, agility drills and position-specific drills. The majority of football drills that you can do by yourself are position specific and crucial to increase your speed, strength, agility and understanding of the game. To effectively train by yourself, you must tailor these drills to your specific needs and position.

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There are two basic categories of individual football drills: exercises to increase your strength, agility and speed and position-specific drills to help you understand your position, team’s scheme and overall role on the field. Position-specific drills help you with your technique and overall skill-set. For example, offensive linemen work on their stance, splits and footwork, while wide receivers run routes against air to perfect their cuts and precision. Other drills, such as ball security drills for ball carriers or drop-back drills for defensive backs and quarterbacks, are also fundamental football drills that you can do by yourself.

The majority of these position-specific drills are means to perfect your footwork and technique as it relates to your position. Football is a game of timing and speed; utilizing perfect technique offsets physical limitations.

The other set of football drills that you can do by yourself revolve around building strength and speed. These drills consist of football-specific lifts such as squats, power cleans and bench press and football-specific agility or speed drills, such as plyometrics, sprints and ladder drills. The majority of these exercises focus on building explosiveness and strength.

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