How Do You Fold a Tent?


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To fold a tent, lay the main tent on the ground with all the windows and zips closed. Make sure the tent is flat and not bunched up. Fold the tent's sides towards the middle till they reach each other or the tent is a quarter of its normal width, and roll it into a ball. The exact process for folding a tent varies on the type and size of the tent, as different tent styles require different folding methods.

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How Do You Fold a Tent?
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To fold a Coleman tent, start by cleaning the outside and inside tent surfaces. Take out the tent stakes and poles, and lay the tent flat on the ground so it makes a rectangle or square. Next, fold the tent in half two times in the same direction, taking care to smooth out any bumps or rolls so the folds are flat. Place the tent's storage bag on the tent's narrow side, and roll the tent into a tight cylinder. Put the rolled tent into the storage bag.

To fold a Panda Cover pop-up tent, lay the tent down flat on an even surface. Bend the tent's wire to a U shape, then bend the U's bottom side to the top. Hold the two wire sides together, then fold one down. Fold the other side down.

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