How Do You Do a Flip Turn?

How Do You Do a Flip Turn?

To execute a flip turn, tuck your chin as you stroke down, draw in your legs, and use your elbows to propel you around. As you place your feet on the pool wall, straighten your arms, rotating back to your swimmer's position before resuming swimming.

  1. Gauge when to start

    Watch the black line at the bottom of your lane. When you see the perpendicular line crossing the line, prepare the start the flip turn.

  2. Prepare to somersault

    Tuck your chin tightly against your chest. Enter your last stroke with your dominant arm while the other remains flat by your side. Dolphin kick with your legs.

  3. Execute the somersault

    Tuck your legs against your chest, and curl into a ball as the momentum of your last stroke draws you down into the water. As your lower half starts to breach the water, use your elbows to scull the water toward your face. Draw your feet down toward the wall.

  4. Prepare to push off

    As you complete the somersault, finish drawing your arms straight above your head. With your knees at 90-degree angles, place your feet flat on the pool wall. You should be facing up roughly 1 foot below the surface of the water.

  5. Push off with your feet

    Squeeze your arms against your ears as you push off with your feet. Twist your body in one direction so that you start turning in the water.

  6. Complete the flip turn

    As you finish pushing off the wall, continue rotating your body. You should surface just as you regain your position facing down. As your momentum slows, take your first stroke with your dominant arm.