How Do You Do a Flip?


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Do a flip by standing up straight with the arms extended, launching into the lift, doing a back tuck and landing. Although the actual flip takes only a few minutes, learning how to do it properly can take years of practice. To do this, both experience and a spotter or coach are needed.

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Stand in the ready position with your body straight and your arms extended over your head. Prepare for the set or take-off by bending your knees and swinging your arms behind you so that they are parallel to the ground. While you jump up in the air, swing your arms forward to give you needed momentum. Both height and positioning are key. You need to jump as high as you possibly can while keeping your head level, arms straight over your head and body angled slightly backward. As you flip, tuck your bent knees closer to your body. Once you see the ground, land with slightly bent knees.

Before attempting a full flip, you need to practice first with a coach. Start on a trampoline and use a spotting belt until both you and your coach feel comfortable moving to a mat. Once you get to this point, your coach needs to spot you until you have mastered the flip.

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