What Are Five Ways to Do Basic Cheerleading?


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Five ways to do basic cheerleading include the use of facial expressions, yelling, arm motions, choreography and jumps. There are camps and clinics designed to teach these maneuvers to cheerleaders as well as help them improve their current skill level.

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Cheering is about more than yelling chants or performing stunts. It's also about communicating with the crowd. This can be done with facial expressions, sometimes called "facials." Some common expressions a cheerleader might display while cheering include a smile and the look of shock or surprise. Yelling during chants requires proper breathing technique. Arm motions are incorporated in both cheers and dances. Like breathing, arm motions also require the ability to pay attention to technique. The wrists should remain in line with the shoulder and hand. The position of the thumb is important as well, as it should not be sticking out or tucked underneath the fingers.

Dance or choreography is sometimes incorporated into cheering. When learning choreography, it is helpful to number and name the counts by the motion that is associated with them. It may help to go through the motions slowly while learning before increasing pace once the routine is learned. A variety of jumps can be incorporated into a cheer routine, such as the spread eagle and toe touch.

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