How Do You Fit for PING Golf Clubs?


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A golfer can be fitted for PING golf clubs by visiting an authorized PING dealer and meeting with a trained fitter. The trained fitter takes measurements, asks questions and runs a few tests to help provide the player with the proper clubs for his game.

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PING has two levels of fittings. A level-one fitting is a basic analysis of a player's needs, while a level-two fitting is much more in-depth, particularly in the swing analysis. However, both levels follow the same process.

First, the fitter asks the player a series of questions about his current game, including ball-flight tendencies, what he likes or dislikes about his current set, and what he is looking for out of his new equipment. Next, the fitter conducts a static fitting, in which the fitter talks to the player about individual club specifications and also take some measurements to determine proper angles, club lengths and grip sizes. A static fitting can also be done online using PING's nFlight Web application.

Next, the player performs a dynamic swing test by hitting a few golf balls with irons to determine where the club strikes the ground. This allows the fitter to make some adjustments and determine the proper PING color code for the club, which determines the angle and loft of the club face. Finally, the fitter conducts a ball-flight analysis with a variety of clubs in order to make a final determination on several aspects of the clubs, including shaft length, shaft flex, loft, grip, model type and color code.

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