What Are Some Fishing Tips for Catching Trout?


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To catch trout, use lightweight tackle, and learn to read stream currents. Natural bait is highly successful for catching trought, though some baits only work with hatchery-raised trout. The best techniques, lures and tackle to use may vary between the type of trout as well as the type of water such as rivers or lakes.

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Rainbow, brook and cutthroat trout are some of the most commonly stocked and indigenous trout in North America. Typically, these types of trout, which range between 1 and 5 pounds, need ultra-light tackle using a very fine 2-pound line for the best effectiveness in the clear waters that they inhabit. However, larger varieties, including steelhead and lake trout, can weigh 25 to 50 pounds and require much heavier gear.

Many different types of artificial lures and flies can be good for catching trout, but natural baits, including worms, minnows, salmon eggs, cheese and insect larvae are very effective for all trout species. Scented artificial baits such as Powerbait work well for stocked hatchery trout but are not effective with wild trout.

When fishing rivers and streams, look carefully at the flow of the river. Trout naturally gather in deeper pools as well as in calmer areas and eddies created downstream behind boulders, logs and other obstructions.

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