What Are Fishing Line Knots?

What Are Fishing Line Knots?

A variety of fishing line knots are used by fisherman to affix lures or join lines. The type of knot most suitable is ultimately dependent on the pole, lure, line material and other factors. Popular fishing line knots include the Palomar, Improved Clinch, Surgeon's, San Diego Jam and Trilene.

The Palomar is a fundamental knot used by most bass anglers and relatively simple to tie. The knot creates a strong link to most any line type when done correctly.

The Improved Clinch is a widely-used method of attaching hooks, lures and swivels. Since it holds up well in fights against big fish, the strong, firm knot is popular with all types of fisherman.

The Surgeon's, or Double Surgeon's Knot is used to join lines together and may be used for fastening lines of different diameters. The rig is appreciated by fisherman looking to put random strands of line laying around to good use.

Recognized by Field & Stream as the strongest for tying on flies, the San Diego Jam wraps around both the tag end and standing line for cushion and strength superior to other knots.

The Trilene Knot is similar to the Improved Clinch and works best when tying monofilament or fluorocarbon lines to hooks, lures, snaps and swivels.