How Do You Get a Fishing License in Canada?


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Fishing licenses for most Canadian provinces can be purchased at local sporting goods stores and government offices, with some jurisdictions offering online or telephone purchasing options. Fishing license requirements vary widely by province, with some provinces requiring additional permits and tags. No provincial licenses are valid in Canadian National Parks. Fisherman wishing to fish in national parks must purchase the necessary permits at the specific park's offices.

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Ontario requires that fishermen must have a provincial Outdoors Card before they can purchase a fishing license. The only exception is for nonresidents buying a one-day permit. Outdoors Cards can usually be purchased at the same venues as fishing licenses as well as online, by phone or at Ontario Service Center.

Alberta's process is similar in that it requires fishermen to have a Wildlife Identification Number. The Wildlife Identification number costs $8 and is good for five years, as of 2015. The online purchase portal for ID numbers and licenses, as well as a directory of physical locations for the purchases, can be found at MyWildAlberta.com.

Because of its extensive Pacific Ocean coastal fishing, anglers in British Columbia need a freshwater license or a tidal license, and in some instances both, depending on where they are fishing. Salmon fishing requires an additional salmon tag.

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