How Do You Fish for Walleye?


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To fish for walleye, focus on the areas of lakes where they are likely to be found, and use shiners along with the right jig to bring a nice catch into the boat. Remaining flexible about the type of jig can help you turn a slow day into a brimming cooler of walleye.

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  1. Fish where the walleye are swimming

    Do some research into the lake where you are headed to find the best spots. Look in the shallow ranges of lakes during the late springs, as well as docks and even close to shore during the night. Troll river mouths and other areas with current, and remember that walleyes travel in schools.

  2. Combine bait and jig in the right way

    Hang your jig near or at the end of a vertical line, ensuring that your boat speed and jig weight are the right combination to keep the line from angling away. If waters are calm, use a 1/8-ounce baited jig while remaining as still as possible. Try dragging the bait along the lake bottom if you do not get any bites, or alternate jerking the bait up a few inches and then dropping it again.

  3. Be flexible with baits and jigs

    Change the shiner or other minnow bait out for crankbait if nothing is biting, particularly if it is just about sunset or at night. Troll crankbaits behind the boat as you go along weedlines or through bays during the evening or at night.

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