How Do You Field Strip a Winchester 1300?


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Field stripping the Winchester 1300 is a fairly simple process required for general care, maintenance and repair. First, remove the barrel by unscrewing the barrel cap and pulling the barrel out. Next, use a thin tool to punch the trigger pin out towards the shell receiver. Pull the trigger assembly out. Pull the pump action away from the stock to complete the field strip. The process should take just a few minutes.

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  1. Empty the chamber

    Remember to keep safety first. Visually inspect the gun to be sure it is not loaded. Look inside of the ejection port from the side, and ensure there are no shells inside the chamber.

  2. Remove the barrel cap

    Unscrew the cap from the lower pump slide assembly beneath the barrel.

  3. Remove the barrel

    Pull the barrel away from the stock.

  4. Push out the trigger pin

    Push the pump action forward. Then, using a thin screwdriver, punch or similar tool, push out the pin from above the trigger. Push the pin towards the ejection port side.

  5. Remove the trigger mechanism

    Remove the trigger assembly by pulling down and rotating forward and away from the trigger assembly housing.

  6. Slide the pump out

    Holding the stock with one hand, grab the pump slide with the other, and pull it away from the stock.

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